Artwork: Steen, Jan. “Baptism (“So De Oude Songen, So Pypen De Jongen”).” n.d.

Unless otherwise noted, all definitions are from the Catholic Encyclopedia.1

Baptism of blood
“The baptism of blood (baptismus sanquinis) is the obtaining of the grace of justification by suffering martyrdom for the faith of Christ.”
Baptism of desire
“The baptism of desire (baptismus flaminis) is a perfect contrition of heart, and every act of perfect charity or pure love of God which contains, at least implicitly, a desire (votum) of baptism.”
Collectio Rituum
Translates literally to “collection of rites.” This book is an abridged version of the Rituale Romanum, with a mix of Latin and vernacular texts. It is intended as a “pocket version” of the Rituale, with the most commonly used rites and blessings.
Conditional baptism
“If it be uncertain whether the convert’s baptism was valid or not, then he is to be baptized conditionally. In such cases the ritual is: “If thou art not yet baptized, then I baptize thee in the name”, etc.”
Latin Mass
The normative Mass of the Roman Rite until the Novus Ordo in 1969-1970. Also called the Extraordinary Form, Mass of St. Gregory the Great, the Tridentine Mass/Rite, or the old Mass.
Missale Romanum
The book of texts for the Catholic Mass.
Novus Ordo
The normative Mass of the Roman Rite promulgated by Pope St. Paul VI in 1969-1970. Also called the Ordinary Form, the new Mass.
Private baptism
“Private baptism is that which may be administered at any time or place according to the exigencies of necessity.”
“A Rite represents an ecclesiastical, or church, tradition about how the sacraments are to be celebrated.” 2
Rituale Romanum
The book of texts, rubrics, and instructions for Catholic rituals and sacraments.

Solemn baptism :“Solemn baptism is that which is conferred with all the rites and ceremonies prescribed by the Church.”


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